My first movie review: Mulan


The cast is made up of Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, Pat Morita and other voice actors. The movie is about a maiden who goes to war. The target audience is 5-10 years’ old. The movie is okay it has lots of room for improvement.

Plot description

The movie is about the Huns (big, evil army) who threaten to kill the emperor and make a war. because of this, a young girl goes to war in the place of her father. On the way to the training camp, she meets a dishonoured dragon called Mushu who was assigned by the ancestors to talk her out of this. But with Mulan’s determination to stop her dad from going to the war Mushu joins her too. So together they go to war and kill quite a lot of Huns with explosives.

Camera and sounds

The animation would have looked great in that time but for me the movie wasn’t that great. I didn’t get that interested in it. one of the thing they could have given us more detail on was why is Shan Yu’s eyes were yellow. In the opening scene the sound of the hawk screeching is diegetic sound. The song in the training camp is not completely diegetic sound. Some of the drumming is non-diegetic sound.Image result for mulan images shan yu


This movie is a okay movie for little children aged 5-10. The movie could have followed the ballad of Mulan. But if they did that the movie would have become more long and violent. The best part of the movie is when almost all of the Huns got killed by an avalanche which was triggered by an explosive launched by Mulan. this movie would be rated a 5 out of 10. this movie could have been better if it actually followed the ballad of Mulan. but if they did this the movie would not be a Disney movie and the movie would be longer. This would make the movie more interesting.